Being able to hit your target

Several years ago a co-worker mentioned a story of a young child finding a gun in his home, picked it up amd killed himself. The co-worker said that if the gun hadn't been in the home, the child would still be alive. Can't argue with that one. But ... and not to say it's a fair trade, but how many lives are NOT taken because of guns in the home?
How many rapes, murders, violent crimes are stoped because the potential victim was armed? These stories don't get nearly the press coverage as the as the child my co-worker mentioned. Is it a fair trade? NO! I believe every non-felon, non-mentally ill adult should have the tight to own and carry a gun, BUT along with that goes the need to be responsible. If you own a gun, you are responsible for it. If your child takes your gun to school for show-and-tell, you should go to jail!

Assult Weapons

What exactly is an assult weapon anyway? Why does having a pistol grip or a detachable magazind make one rifle more dangerous than another? Because prefer them? Because they are prefered by gang members? Because they are more deadly?
Criminals prefer hand guns that they can conceal. AR style rifles, commonly classified as assult rifles, don't fit well in jacket pockets. Gang members also prefer weapons they can easily carry and conceal. More deadly? It's the round the weapon is chambered for that counts, not weather it has a pistol grip.
But, aren't those machine guns? NO!
Machine guns - any gun capable of firing more than one round per single pull of the trigger - have been controled and exempt from general ownership since the National Firearms Act of 1964. It is still possible to own a machine gun, but you need to file the proper paperwork and pay the necessary fees to the federal government.