Abortion Can we get away from the pro life, pro choice titles and at least call it what it is? pr0 or anti abortion. Say it, you are pro or anti abortion.
As I see it, the real issue is when is the fertalized egg considered a human life. Would a pro abortionist really be comfortable with the abortion if they truely believed they were killing a human? Would an anti abortionist really mind if what they were aborting were no more significant than a tumor?
I believe, and I would imagine most Christians teach that the spirit of life enters at the point oc conception, from that point on, it ia a human life. On the other hand, I've heard human life defined as when the fetus is able to sustain life on it's own outside the womb.
Ok, on a lighter side, most teanagers can't sustain life on their own, and what parent hasn't had an occational urge th kill their children - levity here guys, I would never actually consider hurting my children. I remember a Bill Cosby recording that children should be like Polaroids, if they are not dipped in a fixer solution by a certain age, they fade out.
So what about instances of rape or incest? Well, If you are Christian and believe that God created life at conception then do you suppose God made a mistake and shouldn't have created this life?